Have you ever wanted to have multiple bulletin boards to pin up every recipe, piece of clothing or magazine article you’ve ever seen and said ‘I love this’? Pinterest is my latest and greatest obsession! Sure, it’s similar to other social networking sites such as twitter but personally, I think this is way more useful. You simply ‘pin’ your ‘interests’. You can make multiple boards, as many as you would like and search the site for anything. A few examples are fashion, food, travel, decor and so many other topics of YOUR interest. Once you find something you like you ‘repin’ it to your which ever board it fits into on your profile. Now, you’re probably thinking “okay, so it’s just a bunch of repinning… what’s so awesome about that?” Well for example (my two favourite topics of interest), if you find a recipe you think you would like, you can easily click on the picture and it will directly send you to a website or blog where the recipe is posted, giving you all the ingredients and steps on how to make the recipe. Also for do-it-yourself things, yet again you can click on the picture and pinterest will direct you to the website where it shows you exactly how to make whatever it is. That is my favourite part, it makes everything that much easier. If you are interested in looking at mine, you can visit the link below and take a look! Hopefully I’ve persuaded you to give this site a try!


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